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What to Expect

Summer positions at Trail’s End and Chestnut Lake camps may vary, but there are certain elements of a summer camp job that can be expected by all. 

Your Time at Camp

  • Positions require on-site work at one of our campuses (TEC and CLC are next door to each other and sit on over 700 acres of land) in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, approximately a 2-hour drive to New York City and Philadelphia.
  • Most positions are residential, with room/board provided to staff members in addition to a competitive salary based on role and experience. Accommodations at TEC and CLC are considered to be among the finest of any camps in the region.
  • Dates of employment may vary slightly for specific positions but expect contracts to begin by mid-June 2024, and end by mid-August 2024.
  • The camp environment for staff is close-knit, relatively diverse, and ultimately comes together to be like a family. Connections between staff members form quickly, and bonds often sustain for a lifetime.
  • Every day at camp offers a routine that is based on a structured, well-organized, and extensive program of activity for campers and staff members. Camp is a place for discovery, spontaneity, overcoming challenges, solving problems, and building relationships with people who care.
What to Expect