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Experience Summer

Better for having been

We believe your summer should be carefree, providing countless opportunities to try something new, develop a skill, or follow your passion. 

The Experience

The Difference

From state-of-the-art facilities to our deep history filled with traditions, to the quality of the dynamic programs we offer, our camps provide campers and staff with an opportunity to be part of a warm, nurturing environment, where everyone is accepted for who they are and is encouraged to grow along the way.

We use the expression “Better for having been” to let the community know that each of the 500 staff members come to camp with their own passions, aspirations, interests, and strengths, but all leave better off for having experienced everything camp has to offer.

A summer at Trail’s End or Chestnut Lake is unlike any other, as you will work hard to provide for your campers, while experiencing a fun, rewarding, exhilarating, relationship-building 8 weeks.

Working Together

Our goal is to serve as your guide as you experience summer with 500+ staff, hand-picked during our diverse and equitable recruitment process. We spend the entire off-season recruiting a highly skilled team of college students, education students, seasoned educators, coaches and/or students looking for careers in sports management/exercise science, and students with a variety of other backgrounds.

We’re seeking people, regardless of experience, that share our passion for making a difference, who have a desire to try something new, are willing to work hard and play hard, and truly love to laugh and have fun. Want to join our team?

The Experience

Our History

For the past 75 years, Trail’s End has been widely regarded as one of the United States’ preeminent camps. When combined with Chestnut Lake Camp, founded in 2008, you have access to the best summer camp jobs on the east coast.

Camp Program

We believe that combining structure and choice into our program staff and campers can experience all aspects of camp, build strong bonds, and get the most out of their summer. We offer two daily electives create an opportunity to get additional time in preferred areas.

From the moment you wake up, until your head hit the pillow at night, our action-packed days are designed to provide an exciting environment where you can learn, laugh, play and experience summer the way it was meant to be.

Spirit & Traditions

As you enter our gates, the rush of the spirit, passion and excitement immediately hits you. You hear the cheers, see the smiles and feel the energy. You quickly understand why our camp colors flow through the veins of staff and campers.

You also get a sense of the enormous history our camps have developed, dating all the way back to 1947. Our staff take great pride in knowing they are part of something bigger than themselves as they walk in the footsteps of the former camp staff who built traditions that carry on year after year.

Our traditions are exhilarating, contagious and lifelong.